2011 - CollegianMedia

Now you can turn the box right side up. Cut at least a yard of ribbon, you can combine two or more strands to give the ribbon around the box a thicker look. Try to tie the ribbons into two knots— the kind you use to tie your shoe. For this step it's helpful to have a friend around to put their finger on the first knot while you tighten the second knot, otherwise the first knot tends to slip loose. The knots should make the ribbon tight against the box. Open your scissors as wide as they open and hold them in your hand, blades facing out. Hold a piece of ribbon against the blade with your thumb, with the non-shiny side on the blade. Now move the scissors swiftly up to curl the ribbon. Applying even pressure and not moving your thumb will prevent you from cutting yourself. Keep tying on ribbons around the original knot to make the curls as big as you want.